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Quick photos tonight now that this one is done.

I love the effect of the fur.

The current critter I am working on will have sculpted elements. A bit like a soft bodied armature doll, but more stuffed animal.

Here is one side while I was working on it.

And now all the pieces baked and the body in the background. Why yes the head is not attached, I’ll have an easier time sewing the horn pieces in place while it is not stuffed.

The tiny little pieces are claws.

Dragon number 2 is all done, and here are some nicer photos of it. :)

Working with some fun faux fur. Bits of it are getting everywhere, but it’ll be worth it.

Camera on my phone quality here, but I couldn’t resist a little picture of my second dragon with the first.

Difficult to tell, but the new one has green eyes.

My first little creation on this venture.

Made with very lovely minky fabric. Softer than any other stuffed animal that I have (that does not have higher pile fur). Head, arms, legs, and tail are secured with plastic doll joints. Quite strong and allows them to be rotated. Enough stuffing you don’t really notice when you hug him. Not easily seen in the photos is that the under wing is a slightly lighter purple. I’m quite pleased with the results.

This one is a gift to a special little one of a friend, but I will be making more with the intent to sell.

Roughly 7” from bottom to top of head, 11” if you include the legs. 14” wingspan. Pattern not by me, but available here.

Brilliant idea from a how-to I read awhile back. Use nail polish to paint clear plastic eyes. Looks good and should hold up to wear and washing.

My dad brought this to my attention. Anyone who dyes things will find this interesting, if you don’t know about it already. I’m not quite ready to take that step, but perhaps eventually.

Hello, I’m Kai. I’ve always wanted to support myself with my creative works, and this is the start of an experiment to see if I can do just that. This decision came from a very long year where my marriage came undone, suddenly lost family members, and illness stalked others. It all left me feeling that my life path could now go anywhere. So I sat down and really thought about what I would want to be doing, and then what I’d need to do to give myself the greatest chance for success. So now here I am.

Let me now speak a little bit about myself as a creative person. At a core level I like to take modern and fun, to me, subjects and bring them to traditional media. I really love the absurd in life and gravitate toward more fantastical subjects.

I really do love what I do. Making things with my hands brings me a whole lot of joy, and I hope that the things I make will speak to others as well. It is, however, work and I am always looking to learn something new, to better myself, and push my skills.

So here’s to the start of spring, and my new, creative life.