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I got an interesting question on a dragon amulet sale. Which has turned into the above. Once I have the hooks they will be earrings. I’ll be offering them in my shop soon.

Glowing Water Dragon Amulet ($20 US)

The water dragons can sometimes be seen darting in and around the bluest waters. They collect the blue light from truly clear and deep water.

Glowing Fire Dragon Amulet ($20 US)

I think these came out rather nice. Smaller and simpler than the rainbow amulets I’ve made.

The fire dragons can be seen darting into and out of fires. They are known to congregate around active volcanoes as well. They collect the bright, and sometimes dangerous, lights from the hearts of fires.

Glowing Rainbow Dragon Amulet - ($45 US)

This uses the same hardware as my previous Rainbow Amulet. Which is where the GIF is from. Just imagine it with a dragon instead.


Working on more glowing necklaces. The smaller ones are all single color and the one in the middle has the same hardware as the color changing amulet I’ve done. I should shortly have all the parts I need for them and then I can start offering them in my store.

Color changing amulet. Made mostly from polymer clay. The light comes from an Adafruit Neopixel, which is controlled by an Adafruit Gemma board, which is running a program I wrote.

Very light and unique. I’m personally rather happy with how it turned out.

Available in my store. ($40 US)


Owlbear promises not to hug you to death. This one was a bit of a change of pace since it is modeled on traditional teddy bear shapes so it can stand and sit like one. Bottom half is minky while the top half is a faux fur that I love.

Available in my store. ($50 US)

More plush monsters.


How can one make a Groot and not also a baby Groot?

Available in my store. ($20 US)


Groot figurine now available in my store. ($20 US)


Very quick camera phone picture of a little sculpt that I finished today.

I’ll be offering this little Groot in my store soon. This is also the sort of sculpture you would receive for supporting me via Patreon.


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Individual post for the Displacer Beast that I made.

More Plush Monsters


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Here is the pony I was working on in action. I’m really happy with how she turned out.

I’m always terrible at making movie things, but I try.