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When a friend was over the other day for a sewing day we were commiserating over hating having to deal with needles as you sew. That reminded me that I had seen magnetic critters that were made for helping hand embroidery folks. And that at the time I thought that I could maybe make my own out of Sculpey. And so I made this guy. Here’s a before baking picture and after baking, paint detailing, and glazing.

To magnetize it I got some of the super strong magnets from the hardware store and put them in the dragon’s belly once everything was done. I used foil for the core initially.

Stuffed beholder with eye stalks that can be adjusted.

This project sat on the sidelines for a little while when I started it and found that attaching two pieces of armature to an X connector without the special pliers hurt my hands pretty bad. I had some spots where I had scrapped the top few layers of skin off. Then the pliers I wanted were back ordered. But then they finally arrived.

I’m rather pleased with the results.

Now for something a little different.

I don’t know about you, but I love dragons. I love the dragons from How to Train Your Dragon. I jumped at the chance to design and make a hat that is inspired by them. So I give you this completely minky hat. It even has a full lining inside so you see no yucky edges. I’m really happy with how they turned out.

Get one for yourself here:

So I’ve been making lots of ponies.

I have yet to photograph the simple AJ, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy I just made.

Derpy got her head attached, her body stuffed, tail attached and one wing attached today. Her forelock there is just pinned on. I got to measure her height today too. 15-ish inches to the top of her head (no ears or hair).

Working on a large pony pattern.

I do not have an embroidery machine, so I make due with felt and what I can get out of my sewing machine. I’m really happy with how she’s turning out.

My process for the head sculpt for the commission I’m working on.

I started with making a foil core.

Then I added the eyes where I wanted them and filled around them with more foil to make sure no clay got behind the eyes.

Next up was getting the basic shapes into the clay.

Once I have that down then it is basically detail work. I ended up using a bunch of translucent clay in this one. Maybe because they just started making it in a wide range of colors.

After it was all baked I pulled out the foil and the eyes. I color the eyes with nail polish, which is something that should not be baked with the clay.

This sculpt also ended up being a test to see if the eyes I use can deal with the baking times and temperatures. The answer to that is a no, but not a terrible no at least.

Totally a creation from my imagination. I give you the owldrake.

The owldrake is a strangely named creature, being related to neither owls nor drakes. The name probably derives from the creature’s similarity to the owlbear, to which it is distantly related, and the frost drake, which shares its environment. The shaggy owldrake typically inhabits the forests and tundra of the far north and is a canny hunter despite its size. Although it is almost as large as a bear, the owldrake is surprisingly fast and it’s black-and-white fur provides camouflage among the snow and shadows.

Owldrakes are rare and elusive animals; it’s possible to live one’s entire life without ever catching a glimpse of one. Even rarer is a close encounter with an owldrake. Those few who’ve gotten close to one say there’s a keen intelligence in their eyes and a lack of both fear or malice toward humans. Among the peoples of the north, seeing an owldrake is a sign of good luck and individuals who are allowed to get close to one are considered especially blessed.

Shadow Dragonet.

For sale here:

It has been decided to call them dragonets because they are too adorable to be called just dragons. The decision also came without other media, so hopefully there is some lack of toe stepping.

Made some ear covers to go with Necomimi.

If you or someone you love has a Nerowear headset, maybe some new ear covers are something for you.

The fox ears I made entirely out of minky. So they are soft, somewhat like real cat ears.

The leopard ears are made with faux fur and minky. I looked far and wide to find faux fur that is actually soft and not slightly scratchy like many furs out there are.

You can find these at my shop:

If you don’t see them available, contact me and I’ll work with you for some new ear covers.

Quick photos tonight now that this one is done.

I love the effect of the fur.

The current critter I am working on will have sculpted elements. A bit like a soft bodied armature doll, but more stuffed animal.

Here is one side while I was working on it.

And now all the pieces baked and the body in the background. Why yes the head is not attached, I’ll have an easier time sewing the horn pieces in place while it is not stuffed.

The tiny little pieces are claws.

Dragon number 2 is all done, and here are some nicer photos of it. :)

Working with some fun faux fur. Bits of it are getting everywhere, but it’ll be worth it.

Camera on my phone quality here, but I couldn’t resist a little picture of my second dragon with the first.

Difficult to tell, but the new one has green eyes.